Custom Manufacturing

Every trailer and body we manufacture is built to customer specifications.


What all our equipment has in common is the name FEIL; Known in the industry to mean quality, dependability, and affordability. Our highly qualified engineers will work closely with you to develop the exact specs you want for your FEIL equipment and machinery.

This, together with our unique pricing and design structure, ensures every FEIL product will be developed to meet your business’ exact needs. To stay at the very front of a rapidly changing industry, we are continuously investing in on-going research and development.

Using the latest CAD technology, FEIL’s Design and Development department create innovative designs for customized products encompassing both functionality and durability to suit our clients’ requirements.


Super single cane trailer

  • Capacity - 15 Ton Trailer
  • Walking Beam Axle
  • Wheels 465/65 - 22.5
  • Hitch TBF or Bell Quick Turn Hitch


  • 4 ft and 6ft long
  • Can be filled with water or sand for weight
  • Option for wheels for transport on highway

Standard grader

  • Blade - 300 mm long
  • Fixed single axle
  • Weight box provided
  • Operator platform provided

Skip loader

  • Capacity - 6 Tons
  • Fixed Single Axle Wheels - 900 x 20
  • Stabilizer Jacks provided
  • Buckets can be placed on the ground and converts can be tipped

Custom fabrication made easy

Talk to our engineers today to discuss your custom fabrication requirements.

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